Pick The Perfect Butcher Block Board For Your Kitchen

overhead view of cutting board with chef's knife
If you’re serious about cooking, it’s likely that you already have a good knife or two in your kitchen. While you can accomplish quite a lot with a sharp chef’s knife, adding a butcher block to your prep space can make your cooking routine even more fun and efficient. Take... [read more]

The Cadillac XT6 Is Calling Your Name

2021 Cadillac XT6
Can you picture yourself cruising in an SUV Cadillac? We can! Sophisticated, stylish, and spacious are three words to perfectly describe the Cadillac XT6. Although this hot ride speaks for itself with a beautiful exterior, carefully thought-out safety measures, maximum performance, and a comfortable and spacious interior, we have all... [read more]

Try Out These Tips To Get Your Yard Ready For Spring

Close-up of autumn leaves in garden being raked
Spring is right around the corner, which is great news for anyone who loves the warmer weather. But if you have a yard to tend, you also know it means more work for you in the upcoming months. However, if you start preparing now, you can make sure your spring... [read more]

Save Some Time Down The Line With A Freezable Meal

Italian American Baked Ziti
Even if you love to cook, you have to admit that sometimes you just don’t have the energy for it. That’s especially true after a long day at work, at school, or taking care of the kids. Of course, this is when you probably order delivery or takeout and call... [read more]

Get Ahead Of Spring Cleaning With These Closet Tips

Many blouses on hangers in the dressing room.
Though the chilly weather may not suggest it, spring is just around the corner. If you're looking for projects to help you get ahead on your spring cleaning, try organizing your closet with these helpful tips! Take Everything Out Though it may seem daunting, take everything out of your closet, your armoire,... [read more]

See What The 2021 CT4 Is All About

2021 CT4
It is important to drive a vehicle that you can depend on. However, you probably also want to drive a car that has style and expresses your personality. Don't settle. Find everything you are looking for in the all-new 2021 Cadillac CT4! This athletic and luxurious sedan has the advanced... [read more]

Put Your Air Fryer To Good Use

Assembled Smore on Brown Paper
Winter is a great time for making s'mores, and making s'mores is as fun as it is delicious. Beat the heat of the outdoor fire and try making s'mores with your air fryer instead. Use this simple and tasty s'more recipe from Glamper Life, and enjoy delicious s'mores in a... [read more]

Treat Yourself To A Hearty Bowl Of Pasta Tonight

Pasta alla Norma
Pasta is such a great meal option because you can make it so many different ways. Some people think of pasta as noodles with sauce, but the days of plain spaghetti and meatballs are over. Check out these hearty pasta recipes inspired by BuzzFeed and get to cooking. You and... [read more]

Give Your Kitchen The Deep Clean It Deserves

View Looking Out From Inside Of Refrigerator As Woman Opens Door And Packs Food Onto Shelves
What is the most used room in your house? How about the kitchen? This is a common area that needs constant attention to keep it cleaned. Not only does your kitchen need to stay organized, but it also needs to stay sanitized. Check out these tips from Living Well Spending... [read more]

X Marks The Spot For The XT4

2021 Cadillac XT4
New year, new you, right? What if that "new you" included a new ride? Something sleek, spacious, and shiny. Something filled to the brim with driver-assistance features that will make your drive comfortable and safe. All of these things point directly to the 2021 Cadillac XT4. This is the car... [read more]