Save Money On Gas For Your Next Road Trip

Detail of hand filling the fuel tank
One of the great American pastimes is the road trip. Hopping in your car and seeing different places can be an enjoyable, memorable experience. There’s a lot to plan for as you leave home and head toward your destination. One aspect you must consider is how much you’ll spend on... [read more]

Shop Small In Historic Downtown Clarksville, TN

happy couple shopping together
A shopping trip does not have to involve an outing to a big-name store or a sprawling mall or center. For instance, there are plenty of smaller, locally-owned places in Clarksville, TN, to see and buy crafts, collectibles, trinkets, and a host of other items. Enjoy some time in Historic... [read more]

Upcoming Events You Don’t Want To Miss

Christmas parade participants
If you’re looking to get out of the house and enjoy some local events this fall, there are lots of choices. Clarksville, TN, has something for everyone, regardless of your age or interests. From food to crafts to games, you can pick an activity or multiple activities and then have... [read more]

Cooking For Turkey Day Just Got Easier

An overhead high angle photo of the Thanksgiving dinner
Perhaps more so than on any other day of the year, Thanksgiving is about good food and lots of it. Of course, there’s more to this holiday than just eating, but what you serve at the table can make your gathering more successful. You’ll likely have the traditional main piece... [read more]

5 Car Battery Tips To Keep In Mind

Checking Car Battery
There's nothing worse than hopping in the car, ready to hit the road to work or social plans, only to find that your battery is dead. Not only does it put a dent in your day, but it makes you wonder if you are going to have to fork out... [read more]

Building A Tool Kit For Beginners

Maintenance DIY tools in tool bag
For a new and inexperienced homeowner, it can be handy to make a small investment in a home tool kit. Overtime, as you do more projects and gain experience, your tool kit will naturally grow. For now, here is a list of some important tools you should have in a basic... [read more]

These Chili Recipes Will Keep You Satisfied This Season

Steak Chili with Red Kidney Beans
As we ease into fall and the cooler days approach, it’s a great opportunity to whip up some hearty stews and other hot dishes. If you want chili on a chilly day, try any of these chili con carne recipes! Quick and Easy While some stews can take a while to prepare,... [read more]

Pick The Perfect Pumpkin At These Pumpkin Patches

Young family on a pumpkin field
Friday was October 1, and you know what that means - endless hot pumpkin spice beverages, football games, and sweaters to wear. Although, one of the best ways to enjoy the autumn season is with a visit to the pumpkin patch. If you live near Clarksville, TN, keep reading to... [read more]

Use These Tips To Organize Your Glove Compartment

Car Vehicle Registration Papers In Glove Compartment
You probably keep a lot of items in your glove compartment. But can you find what you need when you need it? If not, then follow these tips to organize your glovebox. Remove Everything To start, you should take everything out of your glovebox. This may leave you with an overwhelming pile... [read more]

Enjoy A Fresh Sandwich At One Of These Spots

Waitress ready to serve food in cafe
If you are in the mood for a sandwich, you’re in luck. Clarksville has plenty of delicious options. While some of the local restaurants focus on sandwiches, others have sandwiches as part of a larger menu. Explore some of the best local spots. Calisubs Calisubs gets all of its bread locally. Specifically,... [read more]