5 Car Battery Tips To Keep In Mind

Checking Car Battery

There’s nothing worse than hopping in the car, ready to hit the road to work or social plans, only to find that your battery is dead. Not only does it put a dent in your day, but it makes you wonder if you are going to have to fork out the cash to buy a new battery. If you want to ensure your vehicle’s battery is receiving top care, keep these five tips in mind.

Watch Out for Too Many Short Rides

Do you describe yourself as a stop-and-go driver? Or, do you work from home and only drive a few times a week? If you are often driving your car short distances and then parking it for several days, that’s not giving it the juice it needs to recharge. Make it a point to drive your vehicle for a longer period of time and often. If you don’t see yourself increasing your driving time, it may be smart to buy a portable car battery charger, which can jump-start your car. That’s right, there’s no waiting game – no more calling a friend or roadside assistance!

Ensure it’s Fastened

Another way you can protect your car battery is by simply ensuring it’s in place and secure. If it comes out of place, not only will it cause internal damage, but it will also short circuits. If you drive on bumpy, uneven roads often, make it a point to do a weekly check in with your battery.

Always Turn Off the Lights

Leaving interior lights or headlights on will result in a dead battery. Leave yourself a note or set an alarm on your phone for each day to make sure you turned them off.

Decrease Corrosion

The best way to decrease your chances of corrosion is by taking the time to clean the battery. All you need is an old toothbrush a baking soda and water mixture. Rinse with a spray bottle full of cold water, and dry with an old rag or cloth.

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Put it to the Test

A car battery tester tests the output voltage levels, which will help you understand the health of your battery. No more finding yourself in stranded!

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