Get Ahead Of Spring Cleaning With These Closet Tips

Many blouses on hangers in the dressing room.

Though the chilly weather may not suggest it, spring is just around the corner. If you’re looking for projects to help you get ahead on your spring cleaning, try organizing your closet with these helpful tips!

Take Everything Out

Though it may seem daunting, take everything out of your closet, your armoire, and wherever you keep your clothes. When everything is laid out around the room, you’ll be able to take stock of exactly what you have so that you can see what you wear often, what you wear infrequently, and what you may need to purchase.

Make Three Piles

Next, make a keep, donate/sell, and throw away pile. The keep pile will consist of items you wear most often or items you simply can’t part with (like your favorite LBD); the donate/sell pile is for items in good shape that you can donate to a thrift store or sell on secondhand sites like ThredUp or Poshmark. Finally, the trash pile is for anything you don’t wear that isn’t in good enough shape to donate or sell. If you’re uncomfortable with putting the clothes straight into the trash to end up in a landfill, look into textile recycling programs like For Days for a more eco-friendly choice.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Now that you know what you’re keeping, it’s time to come up with an organizational plan. Consider adding in a small chest of drawers, an extra rack, or more baskets/bins to keep everything organized for the long haul. Many people also find that honeycomb dividers help keep small items like socks, hair scarves, and leggings organized.

Keep It Seasonal

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get dressed in February and seeing only tank tops or hunting for a pair of shorts in July only to be met with thermal layers. Store the clothes you won’t need for the current season out of the way so that you always have an accurate picture of what you’re working with.

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Stock Back Up

Since you got rid of some clothes, you may need to add a few more pieces back into your wardrobe. Look for high-quality staples that you can wear year after year instead of fleeting fashions that will just end up in next year’s donate pile.

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