Dishes That You’ll Want To Become Traditions

Spicy haricot vert green beans in a bowl.
Every year your family forms new traditions. Things get added or removed, and you make adjustments based on what you're able to do. Well, if you're looking for a new tradition to add this year, we have a few holiday dishes we think you'll love so much that they'll get... [read more]

Make The Holiday Merry And Bright With These Decor Ideas

Christmas tree made from vintage books with fairy lights in front of an open flame fire. With star and snowflake chain made from book pages.
If you've got junk lying around, and also don't want to have to buy anything new for your Christmas decor this year, there is a way to repurpose what you already have in a festive way. It will require a little bit of work and imagination, and of course some... [read more]

Keep Spot Active This Winter

Poodle puppy in the snowy Vienna Woods, Austria - Pudelwelpe im verschneiten Wienerwald, Österreich
Though we typically think of fun activities for our dogs as spring, summer, and even fall activities, it's still important to keep dogs active through the winter. Thankfully, the mild winters we have here in Clarksville still allow for plenty of time with Spot outside, though cozy time inside is... [read more]

Escape The Everyday In The Cadillac XT6

2021 Cadillac XT6
Upon first glance, it's not difficult to see why the Cadillac XT6 is such a popular vehicle. Luxury meets durability in this classic mid-size SUV. But it's more than just your average vehicle; this is your daily ride to the grocery store, your road-trip-saver, and your all-in-one family vehicle and luxurious... [read more]

Great Ways To Cook A Turkey This Year

Man Taking Roast Turkey Out Of The Oven. Smiling
Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one way to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. If you make the same recipe every year, then this blog is for you! Throw in some flare and surprise everyone at your table this year. They won't see it coming, but they will surely... [read more]

Tasty Treats Your Kids Will Love This Holiday

Mother and son baking together
Thanksgiving is a time to experiment with fun desserts. Lots of different recipes have been done already, so you might be looking for something more unique to try. We found a few awesome seasonal surprises that we think your family will just love. Give these a try and let us... [read more]

Easy, Affordable Décor For The Season

Cheerful girl laughing while having a meal with her parents in dining room.
The holidays are here, and while they might look a little different this year, that doesn't mean you can't still step up your décor game! And just because you go all out on décor does not mean that you have to spend a bunch of money on fancy decorations. In... [read more]

Find Something Unique At Grand Divisions On Franklin

Is it time for you to do some shopping? Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or you’re trying to find the ideal gift for someone you care about, one amazing place to visit is Grand Divisions on Franklin. This store may be small, but when you see everything it... [read more]

Join In On The Fun At The Historic Collinsville Easter Egg Hunt

It’s almost time to start celebrating Easter. Are you ready for that kind of fun? Make sure you come on out to the Historic Collinsville Easter Eggstravaganza this year. It may just be the best way to celebrate the holiday, especially if you have little ones who want to hunt... [read more]