Make The Holiday Merry And Bright With These Decor Ideas

Christmas tree made from vintage books with fairy lights in front of an open flame fire. With star and snowflake chain made from book pages.

If you’ve got junk lying around, and also don’t want to have to buy anything new for your Christmas decor this year, there is a way to repurpose what you already have in a festive way. It will require a little bit of work and imagination, and of course some Christmas magic. Let’s get to work to make your house a vintage winter wonderland!

Old Books

We all have a bookshelf somewhere in our home that hasn’t been touched in months. It’s time to dust off those oldies and turn them into gorgeous holiday decorations. This is simple, easy, and best of all cheap. Start off with a birch log, and then drill a hole down the middle. Cut a wooden dowel to fit perfectly in the space inside the birch. Now, you have your hook.

Once you’ve picked out which books you’re OK losing, open them to the middle and drill a hole in the center of the spine. Now all you have to do is stack them on the hook, and top with some greenery or a bell for a star. Just whatever you have lying around.

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This is going to be the one that requires a little of that imagination and Christmas magic. Find a blank wall to display your masterpiece, and hang a spare bedspring you have lying around. Next, pick a theme for your tree, and find ornaments to match. Then all you have to do from there is arrange the ornaments in a tree pattern, starting small at the top and gradually getting larger at the bottom.

A few fun touches you can add are a shiny ornament on top of the tree, or a star-shaped one if you want to go more classic. You can also add pops of color with fun colored ornaments, or keep it clean and simple with red and white. And for that pop of green, add some hints of garland or whatever leaves you might have on hand already.

See? Sometimes it actually does pay off to keep your junk lying around. Enjoy these crafty ways to make the most of them!

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