Give Your Kitchen The Deep Clean It Deserves

View Looking Out From Inside Of Refrigerator As Woman Opens Door And Packs Food Onto Shelves

What is the most used room in your house? How about the kitchen? This is a common area that needs constant attention to keep it cleaned. Not only does your kitchen need to stay organized, but it also needs to stay sanitized. Check out these tips from Living Well Spending Less to give your kitchen the attention it deserves.

The Pantry

Start your deep clean with the pantry. How many of us are guilty about tossing opened bags of chips and random items into the pantry, shutting the door, and calling it a day? Today is the day where you organize that mess. First, take out everything and toss any expired items. If there are any items you know you’re family won’t eat, put them in a donation box. Wipe down the shelves with soapy warm water to sanitize. Once dry, put back your items in an organized fashion. Keep like things together and make sure open items are in the front.

The Refrigerator

Like the pantry, take all of the items out and toss any expired, moldy, empty, or inedible food. Wipe the shelves with soapy warm water to sanitize. Take out any drawers and wash. Put items back in the refrigerator that you wish to keep and arrange them in an organized fashion. Take off everything on the exterior like magnets, pictures, and papers. Clean and polish the exterior. If you have a stainless steel exterior, use the proper spray. Put back your exterior accessories that are relevant.

Countertop & Cabinets

Make sure you remove any unnecessary items on your countertop that cause clutter. You can store smaller appliances in your pantry if you only use them every once in a while. Take everything off and spray down your countertop with cleaner depending on the material like granite or quartz. Wipe down your wood cabinets with polish to make them shine.

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Don’t Forget Flooring

Finally, finish your kitchen deep clean with the floors. Sweep the entire floor including under tables and chairs. Next, use your mop. You can use whichever mop and cleaner you like best. Put any throw rugs you may have in the wash.

Take a look around and pat yourself on the back. You are done and your kitchen is not only organized, but sanitized. Now, sit back and relax. You deserve it!

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