Upgrade Your Dresser Handles For A Modern Twist

Close-Up Image Of Empty Open Drawer.

Furniture is built to last a lifetime. While it’s sturdy enough to stand the test of time, it will eventually look outdated. You can refresh your furniture in an instant by changing the dresser hardware. If you want to take the project even further, you can also repaint the furniture. Find out how to paint your dresser and replace the hardware. Then, you will have modern-looking furniture without spending much money.

Remove the Drawers and Hardware

Start by getting your drawers ready for the project. If you want to paint the drawers, you need to remove them first. It’s also a good idea to put a sticky note with a number on the back of each drawer, so you won’t have any trouble putting them back in the right slots.

Whether you are going to paint the furniture or not, you need to remove the hardware. A drill or screwdriver can quickly remove the hardware. However, a screwdriver provides more control, so it is the ideal choice.

Prepare the Drawer for the New Hardware

After you remove the hardware, you need to prepare your drawers for new pieces. Begin by measuring for the new hardware. Mark the spot for the drill holes with a pencil. Then, drill the holes, so you’ll be able to place your new hardware when ready.

It’s a good idea to start by drilling a starter hole with a small bit. Then, you can switch bits to finish the job.

After you finish drilling, use some painter’s tape to cover the holes inside the drawers. Otherwise, wood glue will spill into the drawers and make a mess.

Fill the Old Screw Holes

Next, you need to use wood filler to fill the old screw holes. Place wood filler in the hole, let it harden, and then add more if needed. Use sandpaper to sand down the excess wood filler so it’s flush with the surface of the drawer.

Refresh Your Furniture With Paint

Now, you’re ready to paint the drawers. Use your paint of choice to refresh the furniture. The paint should glide over and cover the wood filler, effectively concealing the old screw holes.

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Add the New Hardware

After the paint dries, you’ll be ready to replace the hardware. Screw the new hardware into the drawers. Then, slide the drawers back in place.

This project is so simple that you can easily knock it out in a couple of hours. If you skip the painting, you can finish it even faster. Get some hardware and paint (if you wish), and then update your dressers.

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