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Enjoy A Fresh Sandwich At One Of These Spots

Waitress ready to serve food in cafe
If you are in the mood for a sandwich, you’re in luck. Clarksville has plenty of delicious options. While some of the local restaurants focus on sandwiches, others have sandwiches as part of a larger menu. Explore some of the best local spots. Calisubs Calisubs gets all of its bread locally. Specifically,... [read more]

Stay Warm With Coffee From These Clarksville Hot Spots

When the weather gets colder, you may be looking for something that can warm you up from the inside, which means that you’re probably going to want a steaming hot cup of coffee. But if you are pressed for time in the mornings, then you may not want to spend... [read more]

BWC Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest celebrations are popping up all over the world, but if you want to go to one close to home, you’ll head to the BWC Oktoberfest. The BWC is also known as Bikers Who Care, and this organization works to sponsor Camp Rainbow, which is a camp for seriously ill... [read more]

Mexican Restaurants In Clarksville

Mexican Restaurants
Do you ever get a craving for a certain type of food you can’t ignore? People get that feeling about Mexican food all the time, and it’s not hard to realize why. Mexican food is so flavorful, and there are a wide variety of dishes you can choose from at... [read more]

Sushi Places In Clarksville

Sushi in Clarksville
It wasn’t that long ago that most people in the area didn’t know anything about sushi. In the last few decades, though, it has taken much of the country by storm, and many now think of it as their favorite food. Are you one of those people? Whenever you’re craving... [read more]

Sweet Eateries Around Clarksville

sweet eateries
When you go out to eat around town, you sometimes want something savory. Those places are usually relatively easy to find. But other times, you’d probably prefer something sweet. But when you feel like that, where exactly should you go? Well, you have plenty of options at your disposal when... [read more]