Plan A Day Outside At Dunbar Cave State Park

Woman walking into cave with a flashlight

Have you been cooped up inside for too long, and now you’re ready to explore the great outdoors? There’s no better place to enjoy outdoor fun than the Dunbar Cave State Park. With 144 acres to explore, you might not know where to begin when you visit this park in Clarksville. Check out some highlights, so you’ll be ready to have fun when you arrive.

Take a Guided Tour of the Cave

Dunbar Cave State Park offers guided tours of the cave each day. You’ll encounter cave art from the 14th century during the tour. The art includes concentric circles, rayed suns, and a warrior figure.

Your guide will also point out an underground creek, fossils, and living organisms that call the cave home. The entire tour is phenomenal, but the best part might be the theories about cave art. Your guide will go into detail about the theories, and you’ll hang on to every word.

If the theories about the cave art are the best part of the tour, “the whale” comes in a close second. That’s the nickname given to the massive flowstone that you’ll see when you’re about to exit the cave.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you plan to tour the cave. First, make a reservation. Only 20 people can take a tour at once, and tickets have been selling out. You can book a spot on the Tennessee State Park website.

Second, bring a flashlight with you. It’s dark in the cave, and the staff doesn’t provide flashlights for guests.

Hike on the Trails

You can also take a self-guided hike along the trails at the Dunbar Cave State Park. If you want to go on an easy stroll, check out the Lake Trail. The paved trail is only 0.07 miles. If you take a stroll along this trail in the spring or fall, you can do some birding while you walk.

If you want to increase the difficulty, consider going on the Short Loop Trail. This 1.1-mile natural surface trail will get your heart rate up a bit. The Recovery Trail is also on a natural surface. It measures 1.9 miles in length, so it’s the longest of the three.

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Keep Your Eyes Open for Events

Dunbar Cave State Park hosts various events throughout the year. You can attend a program, where you’ll learn more about the natural surroundings. You can also take a group hike and more. The events are listed on the website. It’s updated regularly, so keep your eyes open for an event that interests you.

You can easily spend a full day at Dunbar Cave State Park. Make your plans so you can enjoy some time in the great outdoors and inside a cave. You’ll be amazed by everything that you see both inside and out of the cave.

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