The Living Gallery

Living Gallery

Creating art may not seem like the most essential job in the world. However, people who dedicate their lives to making amazing art contribute something to society that nobody else can. That’s why creating spaces for local artists is so important, and that’s just what The Living Gallery does. The Living Gallery can be found at Austin Peay State University, and it’s a space dedicated to providing a space for art students to do research and express themselves creatively. It has 10 student studios where artists in residence can work on new pieces and explore their work in new and interesting ways. This spot is an essential aspect of the community’s creative atmosphere, and you may want to learn more about it. Get the details below.

A Place for Students to Create

Every new term at the university, students taking art and design classes are invited to submit a proposal for why they want to use the space at The Living Gallery. Those with the most impressive proposals are given space and time to explore themselves creatively in new ways. This is a huge benefit to those particular students, as it can help them jump-start their careers in ways that they may not be able to do otherwise.

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Visit The Living Gallery

You won’t be able to walk into The Living Gallery anytime you want; after all, this is a space dedicated to specific students who are doing work on a daily basis. However, there are opportunities to visit during Clarksville’s First Thursday Art Walk. As the name suggests, this walk takes place every first Thursday of the month, and it runs from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. In addition to The Living Gallery, you can see the artwork of various other artists in the area as well. This is the ideal way to explore the local art scene, and you may just find your new favorite artist. It’s one of the hottest cultural events in the city, so make sure you don’t miss the next one.

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