Easy, Affordable Décor For The Season

Cheerful girl laughing while having a meal with her parents in dining room.

The holidays are here, and while they might look a little different this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t still step up your décor game! And just because you go all out on décor does not mean that you have to spend a bunch of money on fancy decorations. In fact, we found some super affordable items that can be turned into a spectacular display for your Thanksgiving meal.

For The Kids

The kid’s table is arguably the most fun to decorate. Use your imagination to give your kids the most creative Thanksgiving setup possible. Start with some fun construction paper turkeys made by tracing your hand and adding a googly eye.

Then along similar lines, use your hand to make turkey prints along a plain colored table runner. Pick all kinds of different colors, or set a color scheme and stick with it. You can either do this yourself or make it a Thanksgiving activity for all of the kids to participate in.

Another fun decoration for the kid’s table is a turkey leg made from paper bags. These come together in a snap and look adorable on the plates that will be soon filled with real turkey.

Stay Thankful

If you are skilled in the calligraphy department, now is your time to shine. Grab some cardstock and label the different pieces with the name of each guest, and on another write “I Am Thankful for…” Place colored pencils or pens nearby, so that everyone can keep the spirit alive and fill out their list before it’s time to feast. You could even tie the colored pencils together with some festive ribbons, for a pop of color.

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Sweet Scents

Make your home look and smell good with these easy décor ideas that also bring on the fresh scents. Make sure to buy cinnamon sticks at the store, because it’s so easy to turn them into place card holders and also candleholders. Just stack the sticks, tie the corners with twine, and you have a place card holder! To make the candles, just stack them up against the outside of the candle, and tie a ribbon around it to keep it in place.

These are only a few of our favorite ideas, but there are so many others that could really take your home to the next level for your family. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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