Enjoy The Weather In Your Driveway With These Family Games

Family playing hopscotch outside

Classic games never go out of style, no matter how long they’ve been around. Therefore, introduce your kids to some of the classics this summer with these fun driveway games. These games are the ideal way to spend time with your family, and you’ll move into autumn with tons of memories that will last a lifetime.

Sidewalk Chalk Games

Do your kids love playing hangman, tic-tac-toe, and other games on paper? Get some sidewalk chalk and take the fun outside. They can use the driveway as a gameboard as they try to best their parents or their siblings at these popular games. Then, when you finish playing, you can hose off the driveway so it’ll be ready to play again later.


You likely have fond memories of playing hopscotch as a child. You can show off your hopscotch skills while introducing your kids to the game this summer. Use sidewalk chalk to draw the board, and use a flat stone or toy as a marker. Your kids can easily spend hours playing this game!

Jump Rope Games

They will also have a blast jumping rope while reciting popular rhymes. Pass down classic rhymes you used as a kid, and then let them give it a try. They need to recite the verse without missing a beat or hitting the jump rope. Expect a good laugh when your kids get tongue-tied while trying to do this.

Car Wash

No, you don’t need to get your kids to wash your car, as nice as it would be to mark that chore off your list. Instead, set up a pretend car wash for your little ones. They love following in your footsteps, so they’ll have a blast washing their ride-on toys with a sponge and bucket of soapy water. You can also have a drive-through sprinkler for them to rinse off the soap. They’ll love it so much that they will likely ask for you to set up a car wash again during the summer, which will give you a chance to wash your car while they wash their toys.

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Pebble Pitching

While this game is called pebble pitching, you can also use rocks or pennies. A player will pitch a pebble, and after, the next player will try to hit it with his or her stone. Players get to keep the pebbles they hit, and the person with the most at the end of the game is declared the winner. Adults enjoy this game as much as the kids, so get the entire family in on the action.

These games take family time to the next level. You can unplug for a while and spend time together, enjoying laughs and creating memories!

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