You’ll Love These Clarksville Coffee Shops A Latte

Coffee Art In Cup.

There are as many coffee styles as there are people. Clarksville is a rich and diverse place, so it’s no surprise to find every kind of coffee shop under the sun there. Whether you’re a traditionalist, an espresso junkie, or needing your caffeine fix on the go, there’s a coffee shop for you in Clarksville. If you’re a local who’s lived in the town all your life or a visitor checking out the tourist scene, you can’t go wrong with one of these coffee shops.

Head Straight for Plumb Line Coffee

If you are as passionate about your coffee cultivars, then Plumb Line Coffee is your destination. Plumb Line Coffee’s claim to fame is offering customers shots with Clarksville’s first and only Synesso Hydra Espresso machine. This is serious coffee, but don’t worry — there are no snobs at Plumb Line. This shop exudes joy and passion for the art of coffee, and you’ll taste that joy in every cup.

On the Go With Founding Frothers

When you’re out and about enjoying Clarksville, track down Founding Frothers for a quality espresso on the go. You can also get Founding Frothers if you’re in downtown Clarksville. This veteran-owned shop serves up innovative latte flavors for a price your wallet will love. You may have to make a habit of stopping by to try the changing rotation of specials and new drinks.

Sweet Treats and Hot Drinks

Another veteran-owned coffee destination, Cole’s Coffee knows your coffee can taste even better served with a delectable dessert. The warm and comforting coffee smell may draw you in, but you’ll positively drool over the assortment of cupcakes, cookies, scones, and more. Those with Celiac or who are avoiding gluten can rejoice since Cole’s treats are gluten-free. Opt for a cold brew in the heat of the summer and satisfy your sweet tooth with an irresistible treat.

Birds in Their Little Nests Agree

Although Two Birds Coffee has only been around for a few years, they’ve worked hard to craft a feeling of community. Two Birds views coffee as a delicious way to bring people together and spread love, one customer at a time. Alongside their cold brews, lattes, and traditional cups of joe, you’ll find handcrafted treats made with local ingredients. Great nosh and comforting cups bring people in to Two Birds, but love and care keep them coming back.

Get Mad About it

The Mad Herbalist crafts mindful, plant-based beverages. If you’re looking for whole-body nourishment and a little break from the bitter brew, try Mad Herbalist’s wide assortment of teas. Additionally, you’ll also find lovely treats for the tummy and the body. Finally, round out your whole-body experience crafting lotions, hand sanitizers, and more during one of Mad Herbalist’s create sessions.

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Something for Everyone

It may sound cliché but Clarksville truly does offer something for every kind of coffee drinker. If you didn’t know about one or more of these locations, be sure to put it on your to-do list as you explore. Meet up with friends or go on a solo discovery through Clarksville’s coffee shops. Add some delicious pep to your step!

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