3 Mouthwatering BBQ Restaurants To Try In Clarksville

close up of BBQ ribs

Are you craving barbecue? Instead of firing up your smoker or grill, eat at one of the best barbecue restaurants in Clarksville. The city is full of fantastic barbecue restaurants, but these three stand out. Your tastebuds will thank you if you eat at any of these places.

Mission BBQ

If you ask people what their favorite barbecue restaurant is in Clarksville, many will answer with “Mission BBQ.” Two friends who share a love of their country and mouthwatering barbecue run and operate this restaurant. You’ll notice the appreciation for both when you come here. There’s a special table honoring POWs at the restaurant. The owners also donate money to various military charities, including the USO and the Special Operations for Warrior Foundation.

This patriotic restaurant also serves up some of the best barbecues in Tennessee. You’ll get large portions of perfectly prepared food. There are so many standout menu items, including ribs. The ribs are so meaty that you won’t have to worry about feeling short-changed when you dine here.

Fox’s BBQ

Fox’s BBQ is another standout option in Clarksville. U.S. Army veteran Jessie Fox started Fox’s BBQ in a small trailer in 2001, but the restaurant quickly outgrew that location. The current space might be larger, but Fox has stayed true to his barbecue roots. He still smokes the meat over hickory wood, so you can expect lots of delicious, smoky flavor when you eat here.

The brisket is one of the most popular items on the menu, and for a good reason. It’s so flavorful and tender that you’ll find it hard to stop eating, even if you’re stuffed.

Oh, and the sides here are out of this world. The baked beans are absolutely delicious, but this restaurant really shines when it comes to the loaded fries. Just imagine fries that are topped with pork or chicken. Then, they’re covered in cheese and the restaurant’s special sauce. The fries alone are worth a visit.

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Reggie’s BBQ

You’ll also want to check out Reggie’s BBQ in Clarksville. There are so many rave-worthy menu options, including the burnt ends. They have the perfect amount of crispness. Oh, and the pulled pork is divine. It’s so good that you don’t even have to add barbecue sauce to it. Even though the pulled pork is excellent without the sauce, add a bit. The sauces here are on-point, so you’ll enjoy that extra bit of flavor.

No matter what entrée you choose, be sure to pair it with the mac ‘n cheese. It’s so good that you’re sure to clean your plate.

With three amazing barbecue restaurants, it can be hard to choose one. Instead of choosing, try them all. You might not be able to have three barbecue meals today but work your way down the list.

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