Shop ‘Til You Drop At These 4 Hot Spots

women holding shopping bags and reading a message off a phone

Have you been feeling the urge to do some shopping? You can get your shop on without leaving town. Clarksville is full of local shops selling an assortment of merchandise. Check out four of the best places to shop in Clarksville, and then grab your credit card. It’s going to be a fun day out shopping.

1.      Couture Crush

If you’re searching for the latest fashions, head over to Couture Crush. Kaley Drew owns and runs the store, and she knows fashion. Her boutique is full of the latest trends from top designers. Along with runway-worthy clothing, the boutique also has a ton of traditional favorites that you’ll love wearing.

You’ll also find trendy accessories here. That makes it easy to create a whole new look when you shop at Couture Crush.

2.      &Vinyl Records

Are you a music enthusiast? If so, you’ll want to stop by &Vinyl Records during your shopping excursion. You can pick up new and used vinyl, CDs, cassettes, turntables, and vintage clothing. Oh, and this place even has VHS tapes, so you’ll enjoy a blast from the past when you shop here.

The selection is massive, and the store has a nice and relaxed atmosphere. While some shops are staffed with people who follow customers around to make a sale, you’re allowed to do your own thing here. That’s one of the reasons people love this store so much. Unlike some other places, you can browse without feeling pressured to buy.

3.      Antique Cache & Collectibles

What if you’re in the market for antiques? That means you need to go right over to Antique Cache & Collectibles. This store is full of genuine antiques, so you’ll feel like you’re on a treasure hunt when you shop here. You never know what you might find, and you can expect to fall in love with several items. The store seems to have a little bit of everything, and the prices are reasonable. It’s definitely worth a visit.

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4.      City Boy Country Life

What do you do when you move from Maryland to Clarksville? If you have an eye for design like Ryan Bowie, you open up a store called City Boy Country Life. This is quickly becoming the go-to place to get home décor and everything you need for entertaining guests. While some stores claim to have items you can’t find anywhere else, it’s really true here. The store is full of in-house originals. You’ll want to check this place out when you’re shopping in Clarksville.

These stores will keep you busy on your day out shopping. With fashion, collectibles, records, and home décor, you can spend an entire day picking up items. Then, recharge your batteries so that you’ll be ready to go on another shopping adventure soon.

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