Take Advantage Of Fresh Produce With Kabobs

Chicken and Vegetable Kebab

Chicken and Vegetable Kebab

The Clarksville Downtown Market is full of fresh produce, just waiting for you to take it home. Fresh produce tastes great in numerous dishes, including kabobs. You might love the idea of chowing down on kabobs, but they never seem to come out right when you make them. Find out how to make the perfect kabobs that you can enjoy all summer.

One Ingredient Per Skewer – The Key to Amazing Kabobs

Kabobs generally have bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, meat, and other ingredients on a single skewer. That’s the biggest reason they’re so hard to cook. The key to making delicious kabobs is putting a single ingredient on each skewer.

You might be a little shocked to read this. After all, that takes everything you know about kabobs and throws it out the window.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it, though. Each ingredient has an ideal cooking time. When multiple ingredients are on the same skewer, you cook everything for the same length of time. That can lead to burnt and mushy tomatoes, rubbery mushrooms, and raw peppers. The only thing that will come out right is the meat.

When you put a single ingredient on a skewer, you can cook each ingredient for the ideal length of time. That means you’ll cook each item to perfection.

You can assemble the kabobs after cooking the ingredients. You also have the option of putting the ingredients on plates and letting everyone pick their favorite items. While it might be a bit different, everyone will rave about your kabobs when using this trick.

Secure the Ingredients on the Skewers

Have you ever tried to turn a skewer, only to have the ingredients spin around? That makes it impossible to cook your food evenly. Fortunately, there’s also an easy trick to fix this. Use two skewers instead of one to secure ingredients that tend to flip around.

Mushrooms are the perfect example of this. By threading mushrooms and other items through two skewers, they will stay in place when you flip them.

Don’t Pack Skewers Tightly

Do you tend to cram as many ingredients as possible on each skewer? While that will give you more food to eat, the ingredients won’t be cooked evenly. The heat from the grill needs to get in between the ingredients to ensure that all sides are cooked. Leave a little bit of room so your grill can work its magic.

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Make Sure the Ingredients Are Similar Sizes

Cutting up the ingredients for kabobs can take a while, so you might find yourself chopping with abandon to get through it quickly. Unfortunately, you’re likely to cut your ingredients into different sizes when you do this. Bigger ingredients have longer cooking times than smaller ones, so having different sizes will mess up your kabobs. Take some extra time to ensure that your ingredients are similar in size before putting them on the skewers.

Now you’re ready to make some killer kabobs for dinner tonight. Pick up some fresh produce and meat, and then follow these tips to make delicious kabobs.

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