Dishes That You’ll Want To Become Traditions

Spicy haricot vert green beans in a bowl.

Spicy haricot vert green beans in a bowl.

Every year your family forms new traditions. Things get added or removed, and you make adjustments based on what you’re able to do. Well, if you’re looking for a new tradition to add this year, we have a few holiday dishes we think you’ll love so much that they’ll get requested to reappear every single year. After all, aren’t the holidays all about spending time with your family with full hearts and even fuller stomachs? Let’s check out these awesome ideas we found from 31 Daily.

Buttermilk-Brined Turkey

This is a classic dish with a twist. Letting your turkey sit in the brine mixture for up to 24 hours gives it that extra bit of flavor and juiciness that normal turkey lacks. This recipe is fairly simple; it only requires 11 ingredients, most of which you probably already have. Get ready to feast with this gorgeous turkey in the middle of your table!

Spicy Garlic Green Beans

Do we even need to say any more? The garlic, shallot, lemon zest, and red pepper all come together to create a flavor experience unlike any other. This makes a perfect side to serve with turkey. It’s like comfort on a plate.

Crispy Cheesy Potatoes

Every feast needs a delicious carb to serve alongside the veggie and meat. Instead of the usual mac and cheese or mashed potatoes, opt for these gorgeous stacks of pillowy potato goodness. These are stunning, delicious, and take just under one hour to complete. This would be the perfect dish to work on while your turkey is cooking!

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Coffee Cake

Winter is known for it’s warm drinks like coffee. So why not finish out the meal with a deliciously-hot chocolate coffee cake? The secret ingredients here include orange zest and banana puree. Yum! A scoop of espresso powder gives it that comforting taste you’re looking for.

All of these recipes would make an amazing addition to your festive feast this year. If you want to see the full recipes, be sure to click here and check out the step by step instructions and ingredients you need to make it happen. Happy holidays!

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